TensorTrace is an available on Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu
(See GPL for copyright conditions)
In addition to the TensorTrace app each download comes with:
(i) An example project "binaryMERA.ttp" containing the networks needed to optimize a MERA tensor network, together with script files "script_binaryMERA" demonstrating how the contraction code generated from this project can be incorporated into a complete tensor network algorithm (with versions for MATLAB, Python and Julia). See the examples page for more details.
(ii) Copies of the general purpose "ncon" network contraction routine required by TensorTrace (with versions for MATLAB, Python and Julia)
Example project: "binaryMERA.ttp"
Current latest release: v1.03(beta)
Attention Windows users: due to issues with file permissions, TensorTrace is unable to save data in the same directory or a sub-directory of that which contains the "tensortrace.exe" app. In order to avoid this issue the default save folder "SaveData" is set in a different sub-directory to that containing the app executable. Tested on Windows10 Enterprise.
Attention macOS users: you may receive a "game not found" error when first trying to run the TensorTrace app. This is a known issue resulting from how the software used to compile TensorTrace interacts with macOS file permissions. This issue can be resolved by simply moving the TensorTrace app into the "AppData" sub-directory of the main folder after unzipping. The TensorTrace app has been notarized by Apple, so should still run on Gatekeeper enabled systems. Tested on macOS-v10.12.
Attention Ubuntu users:  depending on the version of Ubuntu that you have additional dependencies may need to be installed for TensorTrace to work. The required packages are libcurl4 and libopenal1. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.
Version history:
24/09/2019: release of TensorTrace v1.03 (beta)
  • changes to file management system.
  • fixed small bug where tensors would sometimes be incorrectly labelled.
17/09/2019: release of TensorTrace v1.02 (beta)
  • small changes to make compatible with macOS and Ubuntu
11/09/2019: release of TensorTrace v1.01 (beta)
  • minor graphical and performance improvements
03/09/2019: release of TensorTrace v1.00 (beta)

TensorTrace is maintained by:

Glen Evenbly (